Fast and Delicious

Roasted Bacon with Ebly and Carrots

Ingredients needed:

  • Sliced bacon : there are several ones available, use the pure ones for cooking
  • Ebly: these are pre-cooked grains, available for instance at Migros
  • Carrots
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Water


Heat a pot of water and add a spoon of salt when it boils. Cut the carrots in pieces and a let them cook at a medium heating-level. Optionally: use a coolander if you prefer steamed vegetables or a pressure cooker if you don't have enough time.

When you have added the carrot you can heat antoher pot of salted water. Add the Ebly-grains and let them cook about 10min at medium heating-level. Finally take some sliced bacon fold them two or three times and roast them gently in  a frying pan. Let some butter melt in the drained grains. There you go!


Tip: I always cook double the amount and take the rest with me for work or use it for salad.


The meal can also be served with carrots/Ebly mixed with a brown sauce or with some herbs.