Last week before Nizza

Only one more Week to go *-*

In exactly one week I will be at the Nizza Half Marathon. This means that now it is the time to reduce training and start the so-called tapering phase. I am really looking forward to Nizza, hoping for good weather and a nice time with the family!

The feeling is good after the Freiburg Marathon but I felt the training loads from the past month. I could feel my shins last week again during the training (no pain), like after the Mallorca camp. Now I hope they recover until Nizza, afterwards I anyway won't do any running for one week. Still I am happy that I have never been injured which needs to be continued.

This week the plan is to do two times an easy intervall in marathon-pace on Monday and Wednesday which should give me the race-feeling On Tuesday there is a normal base run. On Friday  a very short slow run to relax the legs before the flight. I shifted the trainings to have Thursday off for the founding of the new running club. Naturally I am really excited and wondering what the new club's name and colours gonna be. Additionally I will plan the summer holidays in the alps. 

TRaining Plan from Rainer Hauch
TRaining Plan from Rainer Hauch