Basel Running Club

BRC - A new Club is Born

The 21th. of April in the Pizzeria Froburg, Basel was the birth date for our new club. 36 people belonged to the founders and they all needed to decide about the name and colours. Whereas the name was set quickly, the colours on the other hand were way more tricky to chose. Which combinations look the best? What are the no-go's? What are just trend colours? Finally the selection was done, not without influences it is said...

We celebrated the the birth of the Basel Running Club , with the colours Red-White. The name describes everything what we are: Place, Passion, Purpose. The meaning of the colours is still open, any ideas?


Now we are looking forward to the first Training with a surprise:


Tuesday 3th of May, 18:30, St.Jakob


Runners of all ages, sex, capabilities are welcome to join us. Active Members pay 100.-/year, passive members pay 50.-/year. We are also seeking for sponsors.


For more infos, visit the official webpage: