Sunny weekend

Gardening Season opened

After a wet and frosty April it's definitely time now to start the gardening season. Especially when you're at home at an extended weekend and with this sunny wheater . I don't know whether I will have enough time for the garden this year, but luckily I have somebody who can take care.


One week ago I visited the "pro species rara setzlingsmarkt" at the castle in wildegg to get two tomato and an pumpkin saplings. There you can find always ancient crops you don't get in a supermarket. An early germing variety of carotts I already seeded some weeks ago.  So this weekend I planted the tomatoes under a shelter, some beans from last year and some other carotts. The beans were seeded in a circle so that they will climb around a bar.


To give you an idea how it could look like in the summer, I can show you some pictures of last year ...