Running is our Passion!

In December I wrote a blog entry about Talent vs. Training. There I tried to find out what are some of the ingredients of fast runners. Definitely, it is not either pure talent or hard work alone, so I called it T&T. To compete at a high-end elite level it is inevitable to have outstanding talent, I stated there. Nevertheless, I recently read a statement saying differently:


"Talent does not exist. There is only passion."


This statement was meant in another context. It was meant to describe what a sucessful scientist need to have in research. It can be applied to any sports too. Because all the talent and training is worth nothing if you don't have it, the passion. In fact there really is a third mental component, an inner will, which drives us to go out running after a hard day working. To spend time and money for flights and journeys, even if the race lasts only 1 hour. To cancel our best friends meeting. To give it all and everything you have until the finish line. To have only one question at the doctor's office: when can I run again?


And here is it the full quote:


"Talent does not exist. There is only passion.

All of your idols in every field from sports to science, did not start with talent.

Talent is simply the end product of a much more potent power, passion.

Passion wakes us up in the morning after keeping us up all night dreaming of how to be better.

Passion drives us to push our mind bodies, and souls to the limit.

Passion is talent.

Use your passion for science.

Discover science, discover passion."


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