Istrian Half Marathon

Results and TV Sports Documentary

Finally, I recovered well after the race. After going international my next attempt will be more regional runs as well as some track competitions. I will tell you more about it in few weeks. Also, I like to share with you some pictures from the trip to Slovenia. Official results from the Istrian Marathon are available now. Interestingly there was also a category for barefoot runners, have a look:

After finishing the race with a victory,  I was asked for some interviews. "Why you decided to come to Slovenia?" and "Are you a professional runner?" were the most frequent questions. -Definitely not, haha.
Also, a local TV station interviewed me and wanted me to re-simulate the finish. Wearing already a finisher medal, this wasn't looking like it should. It was more an easy walk. Definitely a must-see, especially the intro, with the nice scenery, the mid-part with an interview and the last three minutes.
I think I represented Switzerland and the Basel Running Club well, we are now known in Slovenia too!

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