The Longevity of our Running Careers

In a youtube vlog previous middle-distance Olympian Nick Symmonds from the U.S. is answering the question how he has sustained the longevity of his career.

As a professional athlete, a lot of sacrifices have to be made. To live out of the suitcase, being apart from your families and friends. He claims it is possible to make huge progress over a short period of time but is it worth it? Setbacks like injuries are guaranteed. There are people who were way more talented and dedicated than him, but after some time they disappeared. His way was to choose rather small steps of improvement. Season by season, over fifteen years he set new PRs.

He admits, he might have won a medal at the Olympics 2012, if he had been even more focused. But a victory or that medal is not worth everything in life. He says why should we turn down drinking at all, refuse meeting friends, stick to a strict food plan, being away all the time when it is not what makes us happy? And that is why some runners quit.


In the long run of our happiness is not the wins which count rather than the way we achieve things. "Being successful does not guarantee happiness, but happiness guarantees success." A fantastic answer to a difficult question:

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