Zürich Marathon: 50 Days to Go

Friday 2nd of March, February is already over and also the second cycle comes to an end. So far I was able to do all of the assigned training according to my plan. Sometimes it needed a bit of re-scheduling due to other important appointments or weather condition. Especially this week, when Winter is coming back strong, after I had luck  to train without icy-roads and slippery paths throughout the cold days. So, sadly, I was not able to do the intervals this Thursday (too dangerous), despite being mentally prepared for an intensive session. Instead, I went for a recovery run with the group and did a normal run including few hill repeats today. Luckily, my body absorbs the load very well and I had not a single ache or pain in the last couple of weeks. Also I feel not worn out, I even feel I could do more. The feared but desired fatigue I need to go through latest in the last sharpening cycle, after the Half marathon in Valencia end of march. If I can handle this, my body will be prepared to continue with tired legs at kilometer 35 in the marathon. For the mental part, a good time in the Half marathon and now already fast long runs will give me a confidence booster.

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